Papier pre atramentové tlačiarne ColorWay matný obojstranný 220g/m², A4, 20ks, PMD220020A4

Kód: PMD220020A4

V kategóriach: Fotopapier, Formát A4

Výrobca: ColorWay

Naskladnenie v BA: 1 pracovný deň

Type: Matte
bez DPH: 3,20 € s DPH: 3,84 €
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Designed for dual-sided printing. This paper has a high degree of whiteness and high-contrast of printed image. Paper with a matte finish has a dull surface, smooth or textured surface. This coating provides a significant light scattering, absence of glare and fingerprints. Has a wide color range and good ink absorbtion. The less density paper has (indicated on the package from 140 to 250, measured in g / m2), the smaller should be the sheet filling. Matte photo paper absorbs the ink instantly. Suitable for thermal and piezo printing methods. Recommended to keep the printed photos in albums or in frames under the glass.

Weight ISO536 (g/m2 ±5):220
Sheets quanitity in pack::20
Resolution (dpi):2880
Whiteness DIN53145-2 (﹪±5):95
Depth ISO534 (μm ±10):265
Brightness ISO9001 (% ±2.0):97
Transparence ISO2471 (% ±4):95
Humidity resistance:yes
Hot and cold lamination:yes
Pigment ink:yes
Dye ink:yes
Lightfastness* (years):15
Application:Matte dual-sided photo paper of medium and high density is best suited for high-contrast photos and images, posters, artwork, signs, posters, photo-realistic images, photo calendars, business cards, postcards, invitations, photo quality promotional products, illustrated texts, images under lamination, calendars and letterhead issuing.

* Recommended operating temperature:15-30℃;Humidity: 40-60%.In order to achive the desired image result, keep closed, without reach of air. Technical characteristics could be changed without preliminary notification.

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